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Voice and song workshops, singing circles & private sessions
Song Circle
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Play. Explore. Connect.

Invigorate your spirit. 

Weaving The Web
Remembering Traditional Song

gratefully offered on lək̓ʷəŋən Traditional Territory // Victoria, B.C.

Sept 11/25 - Ciamara ní Mi, Scots Gaelic

Oct 16/30 - Kiahtreiber, Austrian Yodel

Nov 13/27 - Zaspo Janko, Serbian Folk

Expand in your vocal confidence and creativity by learning songs from three unique singing traditions with roots in Scotland, Austria and Serbia

Access your most sincere, authentic voice by developing ritual for honoring and embodying your song

Experience the expansive and healing capacity of group singing and harmonizing

Coming Soon

Tend. Grow. Explore. 

Private Lessons
vocal exploration

gratefully offered on lək̓ʷəŋən Traditional Territory // Victoria, B.C.

Custom one-on-one sessions crafted to support your unique vocal expression

Explore your voice in a safe, nurturing space. Learning the foundations of effortless singing, including self-care, breath, and resonance practices.

Build your confidence and have fun with the natural gift of song in your bones!

Lessons offered on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays

between 11-7pm

First Lesson $35 1hr

Bundle 4 Lessons for $200

Drop In $65 1hr

What to Expect in A Session

A typical lesson will consist of a 15-20 minute vocal warm-up tailored to your voice. We will then often delve into a song and end the lesson with a 5-minute cool down.

Lessons take place in my home in Quadra Village, Victoria, B.C. and are a safe place for all ages and levels to explore the voice.


In lessons, we focus on a wide range of vocal aspects including vocal health, anatomy, posture, diction, breath control, creativity and techniques inspired by Indian Classical, Balkan, and Western-style singing  to support your creative expression and vocal health.


Book Voice Lesson

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Book a Private Lesson

Finding Ritual, Vocal Freedom & Sacred Song


three courses for tending the threads of voice and song


Elemental Voice

Developing your practice ritual for pure vocal expression


Voice of Nature

Opening to the song of the Earth and the four elements


Sound of Spirit

Tending the sacred thread of Spirit within you

Effortless Voice

Tending the Threads of Self

Elemental Voice

lək̓ʷəŋən Traditional Territory // Victoria, B.C.

4 Part In-person Series

Coming Soon

Access your most sincere, authentic voice and develop ritual for honoring and embodying your sacred song​

Weave connection through time with ancient blessings, folk and medicine songs

Build your Sanctuary of Sound

with guided journey experiences

All experience levels welcome

Voice of Nature

Tending the Threads of Earth

Voice of Nature

3 Part In-person Series

Coming Soon

lək̓ʷəŋən Traditional Territory // Victoria, B.C.

More Details Coming Soon

Foster allyship with the Earth through liminal sound exploration

Develop relationship with plant allies Cedar, Maple, and Arbutus with plant sits and collective reflection

Explore subtle practices for tapping into the well of song embedded in the Earth


All experience levels welcome, no prior classes required

Sound Spirit

Tending the Threads of spirit

Sound of Spirit

Coming Soon

lək̓ʷəŋən Traditional Territory // Victoria, B.C.

A prayerful discovery of your unique medicine song

Remember your essence, calling the threads of your belonging home

to the heart


In soulful presence, explore the capacity of sound to heal, transmute, and alchemize

More Details Coming Soon

Cultivate your voice. Practice ritual.

Discover Hawthorn Medicine.


Learn an Irish-Gaelic traditional song Samhradh, Samhradh, sung to honour the return of Summer for the Celtic May Day Festival, Bealtaine

Spend time cultivating your singing voice by practicing Vocal Freedom Technique

Connect with Herbal ally Hawthorn, and visit a local Hawthorn grove

Samhradh, Samhradh
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