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Nicole Marie Gagnon

conscious creator, lover & grower

Kindly living and learning to live in a good way on the land of the lək̓ʷəŋən People, known today as the Esquimalt and Songhees Nations


A life-long love of singing has found me here writing to you and sharing the gift of song.

I am playfully studied, steeped and sung into the world of music, ever-returning to the true joy of exploring sound and music as a humble practice.


Singing is a noble craft, calling upon those brave enough to be seen in the depths of their truth to speak through the heart, for the love of all life. A singer catches the tune of wind, bird, creek and friend. They hold a beautiful truths ready at the tongue. Song spins the compass in all directions, asking the voice to explore within, behind, and foreword. Through song, we weave the threads of self together with nature and spirit. With song in my bones I have found a doorway to freedom and rapture few experiences can rival.

Will your answer the call to sing and join me in song?

Image by Arun Clarke

Teachers & Experience

With great reverence, I bow to the knowledge keepers and wise teachers who steep in and embody their passions and curiosities. Your guidance, patience and reverence to craft light the candle of inspiration on this journey of life. In gratitude, I honor you with continued dedication and curiosity into the world of song and voice.

Peia Luzzi - Song of the Ancients, Voice Opening and Cultivation Work, The Wild Voice & The Call Within, The Wild Voice & The Call Within II, Gaelic Songs of Spring

Felicia Harding - Private Vocal Tutelage

Alex King-Harris - Private Vocal Tutelage, Breath of Life Vocal Journeys

Amit Carmeli - The Music School of Life Wild Roots Vocal Journey

Sine McKenna - Sacred Songs of Scotland

Victoria Gaelic Choir - Scot's Gaelic Song

Ayi and Michael Mayzel / Shanti Sounds - Gong Fundamentals 

Tahir Qawwal - Eastern Classical Music

Amélie Mehru - Yodeling , the Ancient Song of the Alps

Jungle Svonni & Elin Kåven - The Practice of Yoik

Mary Mclaughlin - Songs of the Irish Otherworld

Sonja Drakulich - Private tutelage and Bulgarian Song

Svetlana Spajić - Ancient Songs of Serbian Grandmothers

Natalie Rousseau - 13 Moons Ritual, Herbs and Yoga

Lori Williams - Controlled Remote Viewing

Aditi - Seidr Journeywork

Jerry Walsh - Tuvan Throat Singing

Katarina Hornakova - Vocal Health Optimization

Warp Academy - Ableton Live & Recording

Asia Suler - Opening Earth Intuition, Pussy Portal, How Stones Communicate

Rick Levine - Astrology Foundations 2

Dallas Killian Arrowood -  Introduction to Medical Astrology

Naomi Jason - Qi Gong

Jessy Delleman & Harmony Pillon - Wild Apothecary Herbal Wisdom Teachings & Internship

Ganga White & Tracy, White Lotus Foundation - 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Queens University - Bachelor of Commerce

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